Press Kit – Media Use


Flash Photographic Festival 2018 – Digital Press Kit

Winnipeg’s own Photographic Festival is back in action for the FOURTH year.

October is Photo Month and it will feature many venues and events.

WHAT is Flash? We are a photographic festival that features local Winnipeg and Manitoba photographers of all skill levels. It is a venue for all types of photography where photos are hung on walls for all 31 days of October. It is FREE to all to see!

WHO is Flash?  ALL are welcome. Whatever your skill level, if you can find a venue/business to partner with, Flash welcomes you to participate! We continue to grow and in 2016 we had 116 photographers displaying work in 53 venues.

WHERE is Flash?  In your local coffee shop, at the restaurant down the road, in art galleries, on recycle bins, Flash is EVERYWHERE! Even out in Elm Creek, Selkirk and Gimli! See the MAP for all locations.

WHEN is Flash? All of October, 1st to 31st, every year since 2014.

WHY is Flash? Our mission is promoting the art of photography by bringing together photographers and businesses in Winnipeg and around Manitoba. Getting people out and about seeing art and visiting places they have never been is good for culture and good for Winnipeg.

Because working together, and creating community with local business helps all of us!

Photographers needed a focus on venues as a way to get attention for their art. Instead of one photographer having one show in a coffee shop in May and then having it go away without much of a splash, FLASH offers a concentrated event where everyone can join in and more attention can be grabbed.

Flash is happy to partner with Winnipeg Harvest this year, with proceeds from our street portraits and our Dodge + Burn series supporting this local food bank.

Education is on our minds as we look to continue to grow. Flash would like to connect with educators of all levels from elementary schools to post secondary. Perhaps for 2017 we will have a whole show just of Kindergarten photographs!?

We have demonstrations of Cyanotypes (blueprints) and Victorian Salt Printing. These alternative processes are part of photographic history and should be shared!

Photo “Phlea” Markets, Downtown Biz photo walks and involvement in Nuit Blanche and First Fridays are just a few of the things planned.