Get some photography on the walls and people through your doors.

2014 was the inaugural year for the FLASH photographic festival in Winnipeg, and it was a great success. We had over 50 photographers showing work at 34 venues around the city. 2015 saw significant growth with more than 70 photographers at 44 venues. Last year in 2016 we saw nearly 100 photographers at more than 50 venues.

The entire month of October is photo month in Winnipeg with events, seminars, parties and numerous photo venues across Winnipeg. A program will be printed and available at various venues around Winnipeg. The festival takes place during all 31 days of October. Photos may be hung earlier than October 1st and taken down after October 31st, but they should be up for the whole month.

Venues became an active destination for people seeking out the shows and the venues benefited from the increased traffic. Some venues saw one hundred extra visitors during the month of October because of the festival. Venues will likely be approached by a photographer to start the ball rolling, but it is up to the venue to decide if the style of photography is a good fit. The festival will not dictate who should partner with whom, because we believe the relationship should be cooperative and organic in a way that benefits all.

The presentation of the photography should be professionally framed and presented, and care must be taken not to damage any walls. Prints can be dry mounted on foam core, or put in IKEA frames, as long as it looks good then everyone will be happy. Photographers are welcome to sell their work, though they are not required to. The festival will not take a portion of any sales if art is sold during the month. It is hoped that the photographer will get %100 of the money from any sales, but the festival will not interfere with any commercial arrangement between venue and artist. The show may have an opening night, so coordinate with the photographer and get some people to come out!

There is a $150 submission fee to get involved with the festival. Either the photographer OR the venue pays the fee, not both. Group shows can split the fee. Fifteen people in a venue need to cover $10 each. No one will be refused as long as the venue and photographer are agreed and the paperwork is signed by August 1.

The FLASH festival actively promotes itself through posters, social media and online advertising. Posters will be put up around Winnipeg multiple times leading up to the festival, and Social Media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) will be engaged to promote each venue. There will be an online festival map which identifies each venue. As well, venues will be listed in the program and linked to on the website.

Get ready to put on a show for all of October!

How to find a Venue

You have some great photos, but are not sure where to put them this October.

Past venues have been coffee shops, hat stores, restaurants, galleries, bus shelters, and a sidewalk recycling container. The best venues already have people coming and going frequently; and not on the 4th floor of a studio building where you have to sit and wait for people to show up.

The Venue can be in the centre of Winnipeg, in the suburbs, or anywhere in Manitoba!

Try to match the content of the photos with the feel of the space. A restaurant may not want harsh photos of pollution in landscapes like Burtynsky shoots, but those could work in an arty feeling coffee shop.

For venue suggestions, check out out archives pages to see where other photographers have displayed their work.