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THE Photography Collective GROUP SHOW

T.H.E (Through Her Eyes) is a group of women photographers exploring the world and its moments though a feminist lens. Too often the works of women photographers are typified by image of babies, flowers and weddings, not so with T.H.E. The group explores edgy, gritty, and thought provoking subject matter with the intent of uncovering women's points of view that are not often associated with "typical" photography made by women. T.H.E meet monthly to explore techniques styles and trends in photography, and collaborate in creation with assignments and field trips determined to break the mold and further the works of women artists of every genre. T.H.E has had shows at various venues across Winnipeg.

" These women have exceeded the limitations of what some think women can do in society. The images you will see are unlike any other, evoking emotions you may thought you never had. " - Marie LeBlanc, Community New Commons 2014

Venue - Gas Station Arts Centre
Venue Hours - Mon-Fri 10am-6pm, plus during performances

Artist Website - http://thephotographycollective.org
Artist Facebook - facebook.com/thephotographycollective2017