Sandeep Sidhu

Sandeep’s flirtation with the camera first started at a young age when he snuck away with his dad's camera, a Minolta X-700 & went to explore the wilds of his childhood home. His true love affair with photography came about on safari in exotic Ontario where he captured the most amazing photographs this side of the Eramosa River. Unfortunately, upon returning from the unforgiving wilderness, the strap of his camera tore asunder & all his shots were lost. He’s been on a quest to capture that lost magic ever since.

From tea to coca leaves, walks in the park to forest bathing, maple syrup to chaga chai, dandelions to aloe vera. From backyards to the wild unknowns. Nature surrounds & embraces us. Shining a spotlight on Nature, & Health. Showing the ways the Mother Nature aids us in leading healthier & happier lives.

Venue - Super Deluxe Pizza
Venue Hours - Tues-Sun 5pm-11pm

Artist Website SarvamBodhi.com
Artist Instagram @SarvamBodhi