NPAC Group Show

The News Photographers Association of Canada (NPAC) celebrates and champions quality and ethical photography in journalism. Through a variety of efforts, the association challenges its members to better themselves and to continually raise the bar of industry standards.

NPAC hosts the annual National Pictures of the Year awards (NPOY) each spring. This event is the largest annual photo contest in Canada and it showcases the best work of its members. It also recognizes the Photojournalist of the Year, Photograph of the Year and Student Photographer of the Year. The awards competition also serves to provide members with important peer review of their work as well as helping them to stay current with trends and techniques in photojournalism. This has become the largest photojournalism competition, for both still photography and multimedia, in the country.

Flash Photographic Festival is proud to partner with NPAC for it's inaugural Winnipeg show! Held at the historic Forks Market, this is not to be missed!

Venue - The Forks Market
Venue Time - 7am-11pm daily

Artists Website -

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January 23, Winnipeg, MB — Rose Hoffer, 100, is the first celebrant to arrive prior to the start of the Centenarian Celebration at the Saul & Claribel Simkin Centre, where 10 women will be celebrated for their birthdays; all of them are at least 100 years old.

February 26, Emerson, MB — In -20 C temperatures early Sunday morning, eight migrants from Somalia cross into Canada illegally from the United States by walking down a train track into the town of Emerson, where they will seek asylum. They were arrested and detained by RCMP.