John Vukelic

With an engineering background John has built the worlds highest horsepower production tractors in their time, helped design the worlds first 3d printed car, and now builds facilities which test jet engines. John loves to build.

“Machine's Kant Reason"

Composition in art is a means of guiding the viewer’s eye to where the artist needs it to go. It's a way of focusing the viewer's attention on what is important in image. Even if the viewer’s eyes should wander composition will help guide then back.

Here with this work, and the one’s that will be on view at the exhibition, I use an optical illusion referred to as “hybrid image effect” as a compositional means of controlling the viewer’s gaze. Instead of the moving the viewer’s eyes around the image the eyes are guided to move in and out of the work. What the viewer sees changes as their focus changes. What you see will change depending on what you are focusing on. Your point of view matters in what you see.

What of the images shown here? Viewed close you see a machine and stepping back you see the image of the embodiment of the holy spirit.

The machine, like us but not us, represents the field of artificial intelligence. Machines having been taught to act in a certain way guided by their own coded intentions. Standing close you will see an image of a machine with intent.

But what is the machine’s intent? What intent was it made to have? What is its reason for being?

I hope in the future, when these machines are all around us, and we take a step back to view what it is we have made we see these machines have been taught the code of the categorical imperative to live in peace with their neighbours.

Venue - 81 Edgewater Drive
Venue Hours - 24/7

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