Tom Hardern

Pensioneer with a camera and an eye for random whimsy while riding to the next best barista or bakery with a friend. Also retired but busy keeping bees.

Winnipeggers are proud of their trees and we enjoy even bragging about the forest that surrounds us... Welcome to our former forest- welcome to Stump City! This show will highlight the fact that we have a lot of stumps quietly rotting while we pump up our interest in saving the urban forest from death and destruction! There seems to be a disconnect in the rhetoric and reality. This display will be floor mounted laminated decals so we can look down and inspect the stumps in life size detail. Yes you will walk on my art is the Scout display and abuse, them as you will!

Venue - Scout: Coffee + Tea
Venue Time - Mon - Fri 8 to 9pm, Sat & Sun 9 to 9PM

Instagram - @quillergram