Jeope Wolfe

Jeope Wolfe is the senior graphic designer and staff photographer for Ducks Unlimited Canada, working from their national headquarters located at Oak Hammock Marsh north of Winnipeg. As a nature enthusiast and bird fanatic, this all suits him just fine.

Songbird banding sessions sporadically take place at Oak Hammock Marsh, where birds are captured in fine-mesh mist nets, carefully extracted and given keen-eyed once-overs to determine age, gender and breeding status. For photographers it represents glorious opportunity. For a bird lover, it’s a breathless moment. Over the years I’ve observed and photographed these captive birds before their release back to the wild – singular moments that capture exceptional texture, colour and character.

Venue - Verde Juice Bar
Venue Hours - Mon–Fri 8am-6pm, Sat 9am-5pm. Sun 10am-5pm

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