Liam Toms & Elaine O'Keeffe

Liam has always been drawn to the outdoors. While exploring in nature, he discovers pieces of wood which seem to have a spirit that is waiting to emerge. An avid illustrator and carver, Liam has a talent for bringing to life the character and essence within. His art reveals itself chip by chip, first to the artist and then to the viewer.

Elaine feels at peace when surrounded by trees and is drawn to their beauty. Exploring forests, or any areas with a lot of trees, is like being hugged by nature. Whether capturing a seasonal moment, or revealing a hidden treasure, Elaine’s goal is to reveal each tree’s spirit and beauty, as well as the emotion that they evoke.

As you wander through the exhibit, we hope that you are inspired to explore your surroundings to find beauty amongst the trees and forests.

Venue - Charleswood Library
Venue Hours - Mon / Tues / Thurs: 10am–8:30pm, Fri / Sat 10am-5pm