Elaine O'Keeffe

As Elaine explores, she is inspired by the beauty that surrounds her. She aims to capture those special moments, whether it is in the scenery that surrounds her, the people within it, or hidden treasures. Her goal is to capture the inner character and vibrancy of whatever she is photographing so that others may see it too.

Here, there and everywhere is a collection of fine art photography taken in locally and abroad.

I am drawn to see the beauty our world has to share. Each place I visit has so much to offer visually and emotionally. I try to capture the heart and soul of each place I visit.

As you wander through the exhibit, I hope that you are inspired to explore your surroundings near and far and see its beauty.

Venue - Tiger Hills Arts Centre
Venue Hours - Tues- Fri 10am-5pm or by appointment

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