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Dmitry Kirshner

We live in a world where taking photos is so easy to do, that the final result, the photographs, begin to feel disposable and are only there for a fleeting moment between the swipes on Instagram or Facebook. This is a challenge for those of us who want to create something that could be viewed for a long time, revealing new and exciting aspects of a scene or a subject we capture. My goal is to keep exploring creative ways of bringing the viewer inside the idea, the thought, the feeling I had when taking a photo. This might include finding an interesting subject, a new technique or a different way of post-processing an image. I do not look at photography as a way to record the literal world around us, but as a way to interpret it from the personal point of view of my artistic vision. Check out my work at www.dmitrykirshner.com or Instagram @dkfotas.

Venue - Chew / The Store Next Door
Venue Time - Mon 7am–7pm, Tues-Sun 7am–11pm

Website - dmitrykirshner.com
Instagram - @dkfotas