cre8ery gallery GROUP SHOW

Select photography works will be shown in cre8ery's auxiliary gallery by Winnipeg artists & members of cre8ery gallery. Carl Brownell, Pauline Braun, Anna Aroaz, Jill Booker, Paul Sparling, Colin Corneau, Verna Mogk and John Shopka. Dave Swiecicki and Trent Heintz, studio artists, also have works available for purchase.

Anna Araoz: Nature Photography.
Carl Brownell: Nature/Landscape Photography.
Colin Corneau: Images from a recent trip to Newfoundland.
Pauline Braun: Digitally Altered Photography.
Jill Booker: Digitally Altered Photography.
Paul Sparling: Landscape Photography.
Verna Mogk:Landscape Photography.
John Shopka: Nature / Orb Photography

Venue - cre8ery gallery
Venue Hours - Tues-Fri 12pm-6pm, Sat 12pm-5pm

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